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Science MCQ with Answer for class 5th

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Science MCQ with Answer for class 5th


Certainly! Here are 10 multiple-choice science questions for 5th-grade students along with their answers:


Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?

a) Coal

b) Solar power

c) Natural gas

d) Oil

Answer: b) Solar power


What is the main function of the lungs in our body?

a) Pump blood

b) Digest food

c) Control body temperature

d) Help us breathe

Answer: d) Help us breathe


Which of the following is a mammal?

a) Crocodile

b) Shark

c) Elephant

d) Frog

Answer: c) Elephant


What causes the seasons on Earth?

a) Earth's rotation

b) Earth's tilt

c) Earth's revolution

d) Earth's magnetic field

Answer: b) Earth's tilt


Which of the following is NOT a form of matter?

a) Solid

b) Liquid

c) Gas

d) Energy

Answer: d) Energy


Which planet is known as the "Red Planet"?

a) Jupiter

b) Mars

c) Saturn

d) Venus

Answer: b) Mars


What is the primary function of the heart in our body?

a) Help us see

b) Help us smell

c) Pump blood

d) Help us hear

Answer: c) Pump blood


Which of the following is a primary color?

a) Red

b) Orange

c) Purple

d) Green

Answer: a) Red


Which organ in the human body produces insulin?

a) Liver

b) Pancreas

c) Kidney

d) Stomach

Answer: b) Pancreas


What is the process by which plants make their food called?

a) Photosynthesis

b) Respiration

c) Digestion

d) Transpiration

Answer: a) Photosynthesis


These questions cover various topics in science at a 5th-grade level and should provide a good learning experience for the students.

Science MCQ with Answer for class 5th