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PC Software MCQ GK Questions with Answers

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PC Software MCQ GK Questions with Answers


1. Which of the accompanying educates the PC equipment, what to do and how to make it happen?


(a) Hardware

(b) Operating framework

(c) Software

(d) Device driver

Reply: (c)


2. A bunch of PC programs utilized on a PC to perform various errands is called


(a) PC guidelines

(b) processor

(c) programming

(d) equipment

Reply: (c)


3. Which of coming up next isn't a kind of programming?


(a) System programming

(b) Application programming

(c) Utility programming

(d) Driver programming

Reply: (d)


4. Which programming is utilized to oversee and control the equipment parts and permits connection between the equipment and the other various sorts of programming?


(a) Application programming

(b) System programming

(c) Utility programming

(d) Operating framework

Reply: (b)


5. Which of coming up next is the piece of framework programming?


(a) Operating framework

(b) Utility programming

(c) Browser programming

(d) both an and b

Reply: (d)


6. The principal capability of PC programming is to transform information into


(a) data

(b) program

(c) object

(d) both an and c

Reply: (a)


7. A PC program that capabilities as a middle person between a PC client and the PC equipment is called


(a) product

(b) equipment

(c) working framework.

(d) driver

Reply: (c)


8. At least one imperfections happening in the PC programming that keeps the product from working is called


(a) bot

(b) framework mistake

(c) bug

(d) slug

Reply: (c)


9. Bug implies


(a) consistent blunders in the program

(b) grammar mistake in the program

(c) runtime mistake

(d) All of the abovementioned

Reply: (a)


10. A misstep in a calculation that produces erroneous outcomes or result is called


(a) coherent mistake

(b) punctuation mistake

(c) gather time mistake

(d) procedural blunder

Reply: (a)

PC Software MCQ GK Questions with Answers