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Shardiya Navratri: A Divine Celebration of Goddess Durga's Nine Avatars

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Shardiya Navratri: A Divine Celebration of Goddess Durga's Nine Avatars


Shardiya Navratri, a significant Hindu festival, is celebrated with great fervor and devotion across the nation. This nine-day extravaganza is dedicated to the worship of Maa Durga and her nine divine manifestations, collectively known as Navdurga. Hindus observe four Navaratris in a year, but the grandest celebrations unfold during Chaitra Navaratri in the spring and Shardiya Navratri in the autumn. In this article, we will delve into the details of Shardiya Navratri, including its start and end dates, Navratri calendar, and auspicious timings for worshiping Maa Durga.


The Festival's Duration


Shardiya Navratri spans nine consecutive days, wherein devotees pay homage to each of the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. This sacred period begins on the Pratipada (first day) and culminates on the Navami tithi (ninth day) of Ashwin Shukla Paksha, following the lunar calendar. It is a time of intense spiritual reflection, fasting, and vibrant celebrations, as devotees seek blessings, strength, and protection from the divine mother.


Navdurga - The Nine Divine Manifestations


Each day of Shardiya Navratri is dedicated to the worship of a specific form of Goddess Durga, known as Navdurga. These forms include:


1. Shailaputri (Pratipada): The first day is dedicated to Shailaputri, the daughter of the Himalayas. She symbolizes purity and devotion.


2. Brahmacharini (Dwitiya): On the second day, devotees honor Brahmacharini, representing penance and austerity.


3. Chandraghanta (Tritiya): The third day celebrates Chandraghanta, who symbolizes peace, serenity, and grace.


4. Kushmanda (Chaturthi): On the fourth day, Kushmanda, the creator of the universe, is revered for her cosmic energy.


5. Skandamata (Panchami): Devotees worship Skandamata, the mother of Lord Skanda (Kartikeya), on the fifth day.


6. Katyayani (Shashthi): The sixth day is dedicated to Katyayani, the warrior goddess who personifies courage and valor.


7. Kaalratri (Saptami): On the seventh day, Kaalratri, the fierce and protective form, is venerated.


8. Mahagauri (Ashtami): Devotees seek blessings from Mahagauri, the epitome of beauty and compassion, on the eighth day.


9. Siddhidatri (Navami): The festival concludes with the worship of Siddhidatri, who grants divine knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.


  • Significance of Shardiya Navratri

Shardiya Navratri holds immense spiritual and cultural significance. It is believed that during this period, the goddess descends to Earth to bless her devotees and vanquish evil forces. The festival promotes values of righteousness, devotion, and inner strength.



Shardiya Navratri, spanning from the Pratipada to the Navami tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha, is a time of profound spiritual reflection and fervent devotion to the divine mother, Maa Durga. This nine-day celebration, dedicated to her nine avatars, is a testament to the unwavering faith and devotion of millions of devotees. As the festival approaches, let us prepare to immerse ourselves in the divine aura of Navratri, seeking blessings, strength, and protection from the benevolent goddess.

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Shardiya Navratri: A Divine Celebration of Goddess Durga's Nine Avatars