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Angular 13 Interview Question and Answer For Freshers

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Angular 13 Interview Question and Answer For Freshers


Angular 13. However, here are some commonly asked Angular meeting questions for freshers:


Q: What is Angular?

A: Angular is a well-known front-end improvement system used to fabricate dynamic, single-page web applications.


Q: What are the key features of Angular?

A: A few key features of Angular include:

  • Two-way information restricting
  • Reliance infusion
  • Layouts
  • Mandates
  • Directing
  • Administrations
  • Receptive programming support


Q: What is the contrast among AngularJS and Angular?

A: AngularJS (also known as Angular 1)) is a more established rendition of the Angular structure, while Angular (versions 2 and up) is a totally revised variant. A few vital contrasts between the two include:

  • Angular is quicker and more effective than AngularJS
  • Angular has a more particular design
  • Angular purposes a linguistic structure that is nearer to TypeScript than JavaScript


Q: What is TypeScript?

A: TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds extra elements like static composing and class-based object-oriented programming. It is utilized vigorously in Angular turn of events.


Q: What is a component in Angular?

A: A part is a component block of a Angular application. An independent module typifies a view, rationale, and information.


Q: What is a service in Angular?

A: A help is a class that gives a particular usefulness and can be infused into different parts or services.


Q: What is dependency injection in Angular?

A: Reliance infusion is a plan design utilized in Angular that permits parts and administrations to rely upon different parts and administrations without knowing how they are made or instated.


Q: What is a directive in Angular?

A: An order is a method for broadening the usefulness of HTML by connecting custom ways of behaving to components.


Q: What is a module in Angular?

A: A module is a holder for related parts, administrations, mandates, and different modules. It assists with putting together a Angular application into more modest, more sensible pieces.

Angular 13 Interview Question and Answer For Freshers