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How Do You Explain Computer Programming to Kids?

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How Do You Explain Computer Programming to Kids?


Computer programming is writing a set of instructions for the computer to process/execute. These instructions are generally used to solve a problem or to make larger problems smaller and easier to solve.


In fact, computer programming is thinking and communicating like a computer, and it is usually used to make long and repetitive tasks quick and easy.


As programming continues to change the world, computers are basically everywhere and in many things! Kids who learn to program are learning how to interact with those computers, thus equipping themselves with a skill that they can use to make life easier through a variety of career fields. Can do. 


Ten Tips for Teaching Your Child About Coding

Parents can encourage their kids to be creative and have the tools they need to become proficient at coding. Here are some of our favorite tips for teaching coding to your kid:


Make it fun and interactive. There are many ways to learn to code, but some argue that the best way is with basic, unplugged activities; Without screen. With this approach, you can encourage creativity by coming up with coding solutions in a physical space using household items such as cardboard boxes or wooden blocks.


Start them early. Coding is much more than just a skill. Learning to code at an early age can teach children to think logically, analyze problems, and solve complex issues.


Let them experience coding using apps and games. There are many ways to learn to code, but apps and games are a particularly accessible way for beginners.


Attempt different coding apparatuses to see what they like best. Quite possibly the earliest move toward acquainting coding with youngsters is picking a proper device. There are a wide range of code instruments and dialects, like Scratch, Blackly, MIT Application Innovator, and others.

Begin with a youngster-accommodating programming language like Scratch. You will not have a lot of progress getting your kids keen on coding in the event that you start with a perplexing language like java or python. 


Allow them to investigate, test, and commit errors. Making mistakes is an important part of learning and it is no different for children. The more they practice programming, the better they get at it! The best way to learn how to code is to actually do it.

How Do You Explain Computer Programming to Kids?