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5 Software Engineering Positions Without Coding

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5 Software Engineering Positions Without Coding


In the event that you can't program, could do without it, or are currently learning, software engineering position are still inside your scope. We've noted while programming information and abilities could demonstrate helpful in the positions recorded underneath, however these 11 software engineering position by and large don't need coding information or experience.


1. PC support trained professional

Avg. yearly compensation: $55,510

Substitute work titles: Specialized help trained professional, help-work area expert, PC client support trained professional

Instruction required: Some school or college degree

Experience required: PC information


PC support experts answer questions, investigate issues, and help PC clients and associations. They might test existing PC organizations, perform support, and recuperate information. They likewise set up new programming and equipment, train clients, and recommend updates and redesigns.


Numerous PC support experts work with people by means of phone or email, remotely offering help. PC network support experts might deal with site at associations and organizations.


2. Statistical surveying investigator

Avg. yearly compensation: $65,810

Substitute work titles: Shopper research investigator, study scientists, market pattern expert

Instruction required: Four year certification

Experience required: Differs by position


Statistical surveying experts gather and evaluate information on supply, request, and estimating of labor and products. They foster insightful cycles, gather information, and screen the market for patterns and changes. Statistical surveying investigators use programming to dissect and decipher information, progressing their discoveries to reports, charts, and tables for clients.


Statistical surveying experts work freely or as a feature of a group. They recognize and figure market patterns and ways of behaving to advance benefits.


3. Network support subject matter expert

Avg. yearly compensation: $55,510

Substitute work titles: Specialized help subject matter expert, network help-work area professional, organization and PC frameworks support trained professional

Training required: Some school or college degree

Experience required: Information on PCs


4. Project administrator

Avg. yearly compensation: $75,700

Substitute work titles: Undertaking organizer, group pioneer, project pioneer

Training required: Four year college education

Experience required: One to two years


Project directors foster financial plans, lay out courses of events, and administer colleagues while regulating projects beginning to end. They institute techniques in light of undertaking objectives and direct faculty and assets.


They additionally address difficulties and convey reports to different chiefs and managers. As per the Department of Work Measurements, 22% of task supervisors worked in PC frameworks plan and related administrations in 2020.


5. Quality confirmation investigator

Avg. yearly compensation: $110,140

Substitute work titles: PC frameworks quality confirmation investigator, producing quality affirmation expert, programming quality affirmation examiner

Instruction required: Four year certification

Experience required: One to two years


Quality affirmation investigators don't compose code, however information on programming dialects is a significant part of their work.


Contingent upon their fortes, quality confirmation investigators might be know all about dialects like Java, Python, and Ruby.


Quality affirmation investigators ensure programming is working appropriately. They create and test situations for new programming, recognize and moderate dangers, and archive issues. Quality confirmation investigators work intimately with software engineers to guarantee successful, proficient, and secure coding.

Taking everything into account

The best software engineering position aren't generally the ones that require coding. Coding may not be an expertise you've mastered or something you appreciate, yet this need not hold you back from chasing after a tech vocation.


While software engineering roles typically involve coding, there are some positions within the field that may not require extensive coding skills. Here are five examples:


Technical Product Manager: Technical product managers work closely with software engineers and other stakeholders to define and prioritize product requirements, develop product roadmaps, and ensure successful product launches. While coding knowledge can be helpful, the primary focus is on understanding customer needs, creating product strategies, and managing the product development lifecycle.


Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst: QA analysts are responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of software products. They design and execute test plans, identify and report defects, and work with the development team to resolve issues. While some coding skills might be required for test automation, the primary focus is on testing methodologies, creating test cases, and ensuring overall product quality.


User Experience (UX) Designer: UX designers focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly software interfaces. They conduct user research, develop wireframes and prototypes, and collaborate with developers to implement design solutions. While basic coding skills can be beneficial for prototyping, the primary emphasis is on usability, visual design, and understanding user needs.


Technical Writer: Technical writers create documentation, user guides, and instructional materials for software products. They work closely with software engineers to understand complex technical concepts and translate them into clear and concise content that is easily understandable by end users. While coding knowledge can be helpful, the primary focus is on writing skills, documentation standards, and communication.


Agile Project Manager: Agile project managers oversee software development projects, ensuring that teams follow agile methodologies and deliver high-quality products on time. They facilitate communication and collaboration among team members, manage project timelines and resources, and ensure project objectives are met. While coding knowledge is not typically required, familiarity with software development processes and project management principles is essential.


These positions provide opportunities to work in the software engineering field while minimizing the emphasis on coding skills. However, having a basic understanding of coding concepts can still be advantageous in these roles, as it allows for better collaboration and communication with developers.

5 Software Engineering Positions Without Coding